Veggies Don’t Bite

I recently got to photograph a friend of my mine, Sophia. She is the mastermind behind Veggies Don’t Bite, a vegan recipe blog. Simply said, her recipes are not only innovative but DEEEEEEEE-LISH! When I went vegan for a couple years her recipes were a main staple in our house. Pistachio buffalo sauce? Yes please. Sweet potato tacos?  YES, YES, YES!

I’m beyond excited for her because guess what? She’s getting published! Aaaaaand guess who she asked to photograph her and her family for her cookbook? Little old me. She is proof that hard work, consistency, and perseverance pay off. I’m so happy for you Sophia and I could not be more honored to be a part of this journey. xo, C.






Want to see the recipes I’m talking about?

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I talk often about my kids not being attached to electronics, I am not a big propionate of it. Yet, so much of my job has to do with being on some sort of device, doing something with that electronic, whether it be emailing, advertising, posting on Facebook or instgram, and now blogging. I feel like a hypocrite often time when I tell them no electronics and minutes later go to edit photos or return an email. But that being said, I will do everything that I can to allow my kids to be electronic free. Because there is such beauty and fun in the world without it. They can imagine,


they can play with nature,


and explore.


They can take in the beauty that is so blatantly in front of them and be present in the moment, something I am learning so desperately to do.


In a time which boredom does not exist, I encourage you to be bored and to figure out how to cure that boredom sans electronics, or even better yet, learn to just be. This is something I’m working on everyday.



 I encourage you to do it, even if it is only for a day, a week, but hopefully more.

xo, C