Maruccia Session

I haven’t been the best at blogging about my sessions, so I thought I would start up again with this session I did FEBRUARY. (gahhhh! Don’t judge me!) Anyhow, this family was just the cutest. And how beautiful is mom’s mermaid hair? Yes please. My fave though, is the last image. That lab…. couldn’t be any cuter, right? Enjoy.






Valentines Day Minis

I always do Valentines Day mini sessions, but this year I wanted to do something a little more subtle and less ‘propy.’ We have this rad friend who let me borrow his car for this session. And can I tell you, I loved it!  These clients were determined to get them done… with all this rain, we rescheduled a few times, but that’s what I love about my clients, they won’t let a little mud and rain get in the way of some photos to celebrate love.


And of course I had to throw my kids in there. You wouldn’t believe it but about 10 seconds before I shot this they were elbowing each other, fighting. Why is it that they are sometimes (if not all the time) the most difficult clients?? Aye, yai, yai. *I’m rolling my eyes at this very moment*


Happy Valentines Day Lovers!